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If tooth enamel is the shining superhero that stands tall above our teeth protecting them from harm, then acids would be its archenemy, whose mission it is to destroy enamel for all times. Tooth enamel is durable and strong, but in a head to head battle, unfortunately, harmful acids in our mouths win. Thus, it is up to us to help tooth enamel remain strong so our teeth don’t fall victims to tooth decay. Listed below are some tips to protect your teeth from acidic enemies:

– Avoid sour sweets, as they have a pH level so low and acidic it’s nearly on the same scale as battery acid.
– One of the best ways to wash away harmful acid-producing bacteria in our mouths is by brushing and flossing daily.
– Plaque buildup in our mouths converts harmful substances like sugar into tooth enamel eating acidic machines. To prevent tooth decay, plaque buildup and food debris must be washed away every day.
– If you eat highly acidic foods, be sure to eat them only with meals, and never as standalone snacks, as this can reduce their effect.
– Saliva has acid-neutralizing properties, so try doing things that increase saliva production after eating, such as chewing sugarless gum.
– Never brush after eating acidic meals because your teeth could be extra sensitive and toothpaste could be abrasive enough to further damage your tooth enamel.

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