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Signs You May Need a Root Canal

0290969001562681842.jpgAn infected tooth requires root canal therapy, an endodontic treatment. Dr. Mohamed Waheed and his team offer quality dental care to heal and restore the tooth. This treatment is required when tooth pulp and nerves become infected with bacteria or damaged by way of injury or decay.

If left untreated, your tooth may die and necessitate a tooth extraction.

Root canal treatment is a preventative measure that prevents tooth loss and is simple. You only need to visit your dentist twice to have your infected tooth cleaned or disinfected, and sealed to prevent bacteria from re-entering the tooth.

A common misconception is that root canal therapy is painful. This treatment actually eliminates intense pain and prevents dental abscess.

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

  1. An x-ray is used to examine teeth so your doctor can determine if you need root canal therapy.
  2. Your dentist administers local anesthetic and makes a small hole in the surface of the infected tooth.
  3. Dr. Waheed disinfects the pulp chamber and root canals using tiny instruments. This process removes the dead and dying pulp tissue.
  4. Your dentist will then fill the cavity with an inert, biocompatible material and apply adhesive cement to seal the opening in the tooth.
  5. Your Addison, IL, dentist provides patients with over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen to relieve discomfort.
  6. You'll also receive a crown if necessary or some other restoration, depending on your situation, placed on the tooth that underwent root canal therapy.

Following the procedure, avoid biting hard on the tooth. This is only a temporary issue.

The road to recovery is not long and you shouldn't have to allow yourself to experience dental pain. Elite Dentistry in Addison, IL, offers quality and gentle root canal treatment. Call their office at (630) 279-3333 to learn more!

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