Implant Restorations To Protect Your Smile

As adults, we may experience tooth loss, affecting our smile, self-confidence, and overall health. Protect your smile by visiting an Addison, IL dentist to discuss options available for dental implants. Dr. Mohamed Waheed at Elite Dentistry understands the need to protect your smile and can demonstrate how dental implants can help meet that need. Continue reading to learn more about how implant restorations work to help protect your smile. 

Rebuilding Your Smile

To help rebuild your smile, an Addison, IL, dentist specializing in dental implants can help complete your grin with dental implant restoration. The process involves having an implant that securely places in the jawbone, acting as an artificial root. Next, a crown gets placed on top, which functions as your natural tooth would. This process restores your smile and bite function. 

How Dental Implants Work

Dental technology advancements have developed many new techniques to help replace missing teeth with dental implants. These implants are a permanent option for tooth replacements that can help rebuild your smile by replacing a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, or all of your teeth. Dental implants help restore your smile and help improve dental health and mouth function. 

Types of Dental Implants

The type of dental implant you receive depends significantly upon the number of teeth you need to replace to restore your smile. The different types of dental implants include: 

  • Single tooth replacement: A single tooth implant is inserted into the bone, replacing the root, and then a crown is placed on top, looking like a natural tooth. 
  • Multiple tooth replacement: When there is more than one tooth missing, this method uses implanted teeth to support fixed bridgework. 
  • Total tooth replacement: Five or six implants can support an entire upper or lower arch of replacement teeth.

Taking Care of Dental Implants

Though dental implants can help restore your smile and give you a healthier mouth, it is essential to care for your new smile. Poor oral hygiene can cause gum diseases, affecting the stability of the implant in the jaw. Additionally, excessive biting forces, such as grinding teeth or clenching teeth, can cause damage to the implants. Even patients with implants must continue brushing, flossing, and having routine dental cleanings. Those who grind their teeth in their sleep may need a nightguard to protect the implants from becoming damaged.

Restore your smile by replacing your missing teeth with dental implants at an Addison, IL, dentist. Dr. Mohamed Waheed understands how missing teeth can affect a person’s self-confidence and oral health. Call Elite Dentistry at (630) 592-8116 today to schedule an appointment with him to discuss your implant needs. 

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