Save a Diseased Tooth With a Root Canal

Root canals in Addison, IL, are available from your local dentist at Elite Dentistry. Let Dr. Mohamed Waheed help you save an infected or diseased tooth.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure that is used to remove the pulp of a tooth that has either died or has become infected. The area is then cleaned and disinfected and filled with biocompatible material. Once the pulp area has successfully been cleaned and filled, the tooth itself is then sealed up. If a significant tooth structure has been lost due to decay, we often have to place a crown on top of the sealed tooth to protect it.

How Can a Root Canal Save a Diseased Tooth?

When you come to our office for root canals in Addison, IL, our staff will use this procedure to save diseased teeth. Root canals are necessary when a tooth is infected or diseased, but it's important to note that they can save your tooth. 

If your tooth cannot be saved, it will need to be removed. The removal of a tooth leaves an empty space in your mouth, which may cause the other teeth to shift or migrate over time. In the meantime, you may end up needing to fill the empty void left by the pulled tooth with a bridge or implant. So, in reality, root canal therapy also helps save the future health of your surrounding teeth.

Still having the option of a root canal is something to be grateful for. A root canal on one tooth can prevent you from spending more money and time down the road for more extensive tooth replacement or realignment of the surrounding ones.

Dr. Waheed is ready to treat infected teeth with root canals in Addison, IL. Visit Elite Dentistry today, so we can get to work saving any infected or inflamed teeth that you may have. Call us at (630) 279-3333 for an appointment today.

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