Can Invisalign Realign Your Jaw?

If you are having jaw pain, it is good to be related to TMJ. This jaw condition is caused by several key factors but can commonly be treated through dental care. There is no need to live with tension headaches and sore teeth any longer. Dr. Mohamed Waheed with Elite Dentistry wants to help you with your jaw issues by introducing you to Invisalign in Addison, IL. This new technology can help correct the problem related to TMJ.

How Invisalign Can Help Your TMJ Issues

TMJ can lead to cracked teeth, erosion of the enamel, and even gum recession. If you are looking for a way to fix these problems, Invisalign in Addison, IL, can help. Here are some ways that the process of Invisalign can help you.

  • Jaw misalignment is one of the leading causes of TMJ. Invisalign will slowly realign your upper and lower jawbones to the correct position. You will benefit from a better smile, and the pain will have disappeared.
  • Each set of liners is worn most of the day. You will wear them while you sleep, which means your teeth will not be grinding away on each other. This will help stop the pain associated with worn teeth and scraping.
  • The alignment of your teeth will mean that the jawbone will open and close correctly. Each jaw joint will no longer have the stress associated with it because it is operating the way it should and not at a slight angle.
  • Invisalign will also save you a lot of time associated with traditional methods of treating TMJ.

If you are looking for a great way to help stop your jaw pain, then Invisalign in Addison, IL, is what you have been looking for. Dr. Waheed with Elite Dentistry knows how to set you up on a plan to retrain your mouth and stop the TMJ issues you are experiencing. Call our office today at (630) 592-8116 and let us help you with your oral health.

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