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When you have a cold or something that causes you to cough frequently, you may look to cough drops for relief. However, you may want to choose the type of cough drops you use a little more carefully.

A number of cough drops contain quite a bit of sugar. Be especially on the lookout if they have corn syrup and fructose as their ingredients. This can make them more enjoyable to suck on, but this excess sugar from constantly sucking on the drops can potentially lead to an increased risk for cavities.

The bacteria that create cavities have a great love of sugar. When they feed off the sugar left in your mouth, they create acids that can eat away at your enamel. This is how cavities come into being.

There is a way to avoid this and still get the relief from a cough drop. Try instead to use sugar-free versions. Without the excess sugar, you can avoid fueling the bacteria and still get the relief from the coughing and hacking.

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