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Are you curious to know more about the dental fillings your dentist, Dr. Mohamed Waheed, might use to repair your decayed tooth? If so, then our dental team is more than happy to help you! The most commonly used dental fillings are called amalgam and composite dental fillings. To tell you a little more about each treatment, we are happy to share some details.

Amalgam fillings

Amalgam fillings are strong and durable. They are made of a variety of different metals and they are dark in color. In fact, they are silver, which is why this type of filling is also called a silver filling. Amalgam fillings can withstand the pressure of chewing, so they are usually used to repair the back teeth that aren’t visible in the smile.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings are also strong and durable, but they can’t quite handle tough chewing like amalgam fillings can. This is why they are usually used to repair teeth in the front of the smile. Another reason why they are used for the front teeth is because the fillings are made to match your smile, which means they provide a natural-looking result.

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