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If you have recently experienced a fracture, break, or chip in your tooth, you need to come in and see your dentist. If it’s a severe crack or your tooth has been knocked out, you need to come in immediately for the right dental care. This can be the result of falling down, eating hard foods, or a sports-related injury.

When you have a minor fracture or chip, then you can visit your dentist during normal office hours, but if it’s any more severe, it’s vital to go right away and take preventative care for your damaged tooth. Ways to take care of your mouth and teeth include:

– Rinsing your mouth with warm, salt water to wash away germs.

– Apply gauze on a bleeding area until it stops.

– Apply a cold pack to the cheek or lips to reduce swelling and pain.

– Alleviate pain by taking an over-the-counter pain reliever.

– To help keep the tooth in place or stop a crack from spreading, apply a dental cement; these are typically found at a drugstore.

For a knocked-out tooth, ways to preserve the tooth is to rinse dirt and germs away before placing it either back in its socket, in milk, or in your cheek. This will help keep the tooth alive until you see your dentist.

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