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Your saliva is vital to your oral health, as its role directly impacts your mouth’s overall function and even helps with cavity prevention. Chewing food causes your mouth to produce more saliva so that the chewed food is lubricated before you swallow. Your mouth creates small amounts of saliva throughout the day to help you with clear speech and wash away lingering food particles after you eat.

Dry mouth is a chronic reduction in saliva that can increase your risk of many types of oral health problems, including cavities.

Taking certain prescription medications can reduce your saliva production as an unfortunate side effect. While it’s important to continue to take your prescribed dose, you can also take steps to maintain ensure your mouth has adequate moisture. For example, you can periodically drink water or chew sugar-free gum throughout the day and speak with your primary physician about using an effective saliva substitute.

If you have chronic dehydration, you could suffer from dry mouth problems frequently, especially if you regularly consume alcohol or have a habit of using tobacco. These habits can stop the saliva glands from performing their normal function. Similarly, some medical conditions reduce saliva production, including issues with the blood health, kidneys or liver, as well as oral and pharyngeal cancer.

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