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The American Dental Association advocates a consistent daily oral hygiene routine founded on brushing your teeth twice each day followed by thoroughly flossing between each of your teeth and along the gumline. This is an important element of preventing cavities and gum disease problems.

If you are chronically inconsistent daily oral hygiene practices can leave excess food residue, sugars, and plaque in your mouth. As time goes on they could calcify into bacterial tartar on your teeth near the gumline.

As this continues to worsen it could significantly increase your chances of suffering from gum disease and other oral health maladies. Gum disease typically starts out as the periodontal inflammation of gingivitis. Initial symptoms often include like this your gums that appear red or inflamed, and you might struggle to deal with chronic bad breath.

With early diagnosis from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Mohamed Waheed gingivitis can often be treated by a comprehensive dental cleaning. Once all traces of tartar have been cleared away he can help you understand the basic improvements in your oral hygiene habits to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.

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