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Have you ever asked yourself what the various types of dental fillings are? Even though there are a few variations of dental fillings, amalgams and composites remain some of the most productive, effective, and safe filling procedures in dentistry today.

The type of dental filling you require depends on your oral health needs and desires. If you are looking for an ordinary filling, dental amalgams are an ideal choice as they have been around for over a century and a half and continue to work effectively. Dental amalgams are metal fillings bound together with mercury for a compact hold that can stop cavities in their tracks and prevent future cavities from arising.

However, dental amalgams do leave a metallic shine on your teeth. If you are looking to be more discreet with your treatment, a tooth-colored filling such as a composite may be a better selection. Composites can be customized to closely match the shade of color of your normal teeth and provide a durable hold that can be replaced and repaired as necessary. Composites also carry the added benefit of being mercury-free and helpful for microscopic cavities that amalgams are too large to repair.

No matter which option for your dental fillings you choose, Dr. Mohamed Waheed and our team at Elite Dentistry PC will make sure that you receive the care and quality your smile requires. If you would like to come visit us at our dentist office in Addison, Illinois, please schedule an appointment at (630) 592.8116. Come on in to learn more about your options to get the bright and healthy smile you’ve always wanted!