Acids and Tooth Enamel Are Bitter Enemies

If tooth enamel is the shining superhero that stands tall above our teeth protecting them from harm, then acids would be its archenemy, whose mission it is to destroy enamel for all times. Tooth enamel is durable and strong, but in a head to head battle, unfortunately, harmful acids in our mouths win. Thus, it… Read more »

What Are the Best Methods for Whitening Teeth?

Teeth whitening treatments can be designed to give the highest quality smile with the whitest possible teeth. Although other methods of tooth restoration treatments exist such as dental veneers or crowns, teeth whitening treatments directly affect your natural teeth without concealing or covering them. Many teeth whiteners can go below the surface of the teeth… Read more »

A Chipped Tooth Needs to Be Repaired Before New Tooth Decay Forms

While it might seem mundane, something as simple as grinding your teeth at night or nibbling on pens and pencils can chip a tooth. Even if the chip doesn’t cause heightened sensitivity, it could still pose a serious threat to the long-term health of the tooth. The chipped enamel has the potential to trap bacteria… Read more »

Treat Your Dental Implants With Care

Treat your dental implants with care. stresses the importance that must be given for your oral health care including care for artificial teeth. Although implants may not be real teeth, they still must be cared for in a way much similar to natural healthy teeth. The first step in caring for your implants begins with… Read more »

This Holiday Season, Brush Your Teeth Early and Often

This holiday season, brush your teeth early and often. Because we tend to eat more meals during this time of year, it’s important to care for your teeth now as well as every other time of the year. Taking care of our teeth begins with brushing, and the American Dental Association recommends that we brush… Read more »

Whitening Gels and Different Whitening Treatments

Having a winning smile can help many social situations go more smoothly. If your smile has lost some of its luster through the stains certain foods bring or just through the passage of time, using a whitening product is a great way to bring it back. You should always consult with our dentist before deciding… Read more »

Do You Have a Cavity? We Can Help!

Did you know that cavities are simply another name for tooth decay? Fortunately, the number of cavities Americans have every year has decreased significantly. This is due in large part to increased awareness of the importance of oral health, including brushing and flossing to prevent cavities. But tooth decay is still a major problem in… Read more »

Trick-or-Treat, Be Careful What You Eat

Trick-or-treat, be careful what you eat. Did you know that snacking can increase cavities, and extra snacking from a candy bowl is bad for your mouth and your diet? Know the dangers of various treats this season, and your entire body will thank you. Below are a few culprits to watch out for: – Popcorn… Read more »

Avoid Scary Cavities This Halloween Season

We all know this time of year is extremely popular for the yummy treats lurking around every corner available at our fingertips. That is why this time of year, it is vital to keep your oral health in pristine shape. Our team is happy to give you advice on how to keep scary things like… Read more »

A Dental Filling Can Repair a Cavity

If a patient has tooth decay, Dr. may recommend a dental filling in , . A dental filling is used to fill the area of a tooth where decay was removed. Dental fillings can also be used to fix broken or chipped teeth, or teeth that are worn down. Does dental insurance cover composite fillings?… Read more »